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If no one ever denied that John Calvin agreed that Servetus deserved the death penalty, why did we ever debate this exact same issue for several days on the Open Forum board?

All Pilgrim had to do to avoid the debate, was agree that "John Calvin agreed to the death of Servetus."

This is fallacious to even suggest. As I have pointed out in several other replies which you have deliberately avoided, the issue was NOT whether Calvin agreed with the civil courts findings against Micheal Servetus, and/or whether Calvin agreed that the sentence of capital punishment was just for the crime of heresy/blaspheme. But rather the disagreement has ALWAYS been your distorted and indefensible charge, that if John Calvin did not voice opposition to Servetus' death, then he was guilty of some gross sin, which you wanted to categorize as "bad fruit", of which you also redefined contrary to the biblical record. Further and even more scandalous was your charge that if Calvin was guilty of bearing "bad fruit" (according to your redefinition), then he could not have had the Holy Spirit and all that he wrote subsequent to this event was to be summarily rejected as untruth.

Your intent was obvious from the beginning. But you are not happy because we have been wise to your ingenuity and deceitful agenda. And even in your very last statement in your reply to Tom you distort the truth when you wrote:

Since Tom says we all agree, LET'S STOP DEBATING THIS ISSUE!

when in fact I don't find Tom saying we all agree at all. The Holy Spirit of God has shown us that your teachings are not of God. Now on that we all here agree and therefore it isn't a debatable topic. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/evilgrin.gif" alt="" />

Methinks you should take a moment and refresh you memory as to that which you agreed to when you registered here:

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