Brother Fred,

Thank you so much for your reply, as it has reinforced the testimony of Dr. MacArthur in his book "Reckless Faith."

I want you to be assured that I greatly admire Dr. MacArthur as a Bible teacher and acknowledge him as my brother in Christ. That said, I also want to tell you that I do not agree with everything Dr. MacArthur writes, but I do agree with a great majority of what he teaches.

In fact, when I first was saved in September, 1996, I received the bulk of my doctrine from the teaching of Dr. MacArthur while listening to his radio program "Grace To You" every morning while going to work on WMBI.

I have heard his 6-part tape message entitled "The Way To Heaven" and agree with every thing John said. I also recommend his 8-part tape message entitled "True Worship." I highly recommend these teachings of Dr. MacArthur for everyone to listen to and would suggest to every minister they be required listening within their church. I also liked Dr. MacArthur's tapes entitled "Show Me Your Faith", which is his expositional commentary of the Book of James. There are other teachings of Dr. MacArthur I could recommend, but I'll time out before I can finish.

I also recommend Dr. James M. Boice as a Bible teacher. I also do not agree with everything he wrote.