The saved are dead to sin as they have been crucified to Christ. Their sin debt has been fully paid by the blood sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus. Praise His Holy name.

Read carefully what I wrote. The passage in Matthew 7:15 was given to us to help us determine whether a Christian religious leader is/was a false prophet or a true prophet of God. What did the leader's 'fruit' say about him? That is the question.

I'm not talking about followers, I'm talking about leaders. Dr. MacArthur exhibits good fruit, but he is a Calvinist. The leader of the Calvinist doctrine was John Calvin and it's his fruit we should examine to see if there was even one example of bad fruit.

You should also examine the 'fruit' of men like Augustine, Luther, Arminius, Cromwell, Wesley, Whitefield, Scofield, etc. I did not include them in the original post, but the same argument applies to them as well.