Brother Fred,

I'm no expert on logic, but I believe the statement I made was: 1)The burning of Servetus would have to have been BEFORE Calvin wrote his doctrine AND 2)Calvin would have to have repented AND 3)Calvin would have to have received his doctrine from the in-dwelling Holy Spirit.

All three statements would have to be true before I would agree with using Paul as a comparison to Calvin in this instance. If I had written OR, then you would have a point.

Fred, why don't you take this entire matter to Dr. MacArthur and tell us what is his response? I'm sure we would all be very interested to know what Dr. MacArthur meant when he wrote, "John Calvin sanctioned the burning of Michael Servetus, an arch-heretic who was condemned by both Catholics and Calvinists for his anti-trinitarianism."

This was the very reason for my posting this discussion, other I had to start a new topic to avoid the moderator deleting anything further I wrote in reply to the previous thread. Therefore, I started this discussion reluctantly, but was determined to find out the truth.

Is there something wrong with finding out the truth? If so, please explain it to me. I say God is TRUTH. When you are searching for the truth, you are seeking God. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with finding out the truth! Do you all agree with me on that?