Brother Fred,

One step at a time, please. Do not read into something what isn't there nor try to guess someone else's motives.

You reinforced the testimony I gave, because you work for Dr. MacArthur and are therefore an obvious witness as to whether or not John wrote this book. You also have testified, by implication, you agree the quote provided is accurate and that the theme of the book is as I described.

There are those who would delay the truth-finding process by 1)questioning whether Dr. MacArthur wrote the book, then 2)questioning whether I quoted him accurately, then 3)questioning whether the book's theme is as I described it, then 4) demand the entire book be posted so they can see whether or not I took Dr. MacArthur's statements out of context.

To get agreement established on the first three points may have taken a week or more and on the fourth, more than a month. You reduced the process to one day. Thank you again.

No, I checked by Emails and I have still not received a reply from Joe. I assure you the answer is there in Ephesians 1 and can be readily discerned directly from the text of Scripture using legitimate hermeneutics and exegesis as established by the ICBI. You should pay close attention to the prounouns Paul used and keep in mind that Jesus said, "Many are called, but few are chosen (elected)." You can also read what I wrote in reply to conditional perseverance, but I must still wait for Joe to reply to my private message before I say anymore in fairness to him.

By the way, Fred. Do you know Dr. Horton and do you think he might give more information to this discussion forum to help us determine the truth?