Brother Fred,
By what you say, Calvin had no "doctrine", since the Calvinist "doctrines" weren't officially compiled until after Calvin's death. Thus, Calvinist doctrine didn't come from Calvin, by your definition of "doctrine." Right?

Does it matter that Calvin wrote books on theology, but didn't name the books 'My Doctrine'? When did Calvin write his books on theology, before or after the burning of Michael Servetus? Who influenced what he wrote? Augustine or the Holy Spirit?

I looked up "doctrine" in my Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, edited by Ronald F. Youngblood, copyright 1995, 1986 by Thomas Nelson Publishers on page 363, I quote:

"Doctrine -- a body of beliefs about God, humankind, Christ, the church, and other related concepts considered authoritative and thus worthy of acceptance by all members of the community of faith."

I'll accept this definition of doctrine, so long as you accept that the words "considered authoritative" does not mean the body of beliefs are "absolutely authoritative" or "unquestionably authoritative."

You may consider all your doctrine to be authoritative and your brother, another born-again Christian, may not consider all your doctrine to be authoritative. In fact, your born again Christian brothers, are obligated to point out the error in your doctrine, as they are led by the Holy Spirit.

Dr. John MacArthur wrote a little book entitled, "Why One Way?", copyright 2002, W Publishing Group. Have you read it? Do you agree with him? On page 26, Dr. MacArthur says:

"Authentic Christianity has always held that Scripture is absolute, objective truth. It is as true for one person as it is for another, regardless of anyone's opinion about it. It has one true meaning that applies to everyone. It is God's Word to humanity, and its true meaning is determined by God; it is not something that can be shaped to fit the preferences of individual hearers."

Assuming you agree with Dr. MacArthur, do you suggest that only Calvinists are saved, because only Calvinists know and follow Calvinist doctrine. If yes, was no one saved before John Calvin? If yes, then how could Calvin have been saved, since Calvinist doctrine wasn't compiled until long after his death?