Well, I will respond to some of what you said here.

What I was trying to get across with my post, was that while we don't know the means by which Paul turned that man over to Satan, it was for the destruction of the flesh... because "a little leaven leavens the whole lump."

I don't know anything about the executions of the followers of Arminius, so I cannot comment on it.

As for your exhortation to make sure I don't phrase my post in a "teaching manner" I am going to ignore it. You are not my husband, nor my pastor. I have no reason to "obey" you, much less even listen to you.

I don't recall us agreeing in the past either. If I did, it's cool, I just don't remember.

Do I agree that Servetus should have been executed? I don't know.. I live in post modern western society. I think if I lived back then, under the severe persecution that the reformists were enduring, I may have another opinion. I may love the truth of the Word, the Word of God more than I do today.

You know, the thing is, John Calvin did not throw himself on the fire and try and cut Servetus free. We know that he sanctioned the execution. It seems he did not sanction the means by which he was executed. Either way, who cares? What is your point? Are you saying that you have never done anything "sinful" since you were saved? If in fact you have been saved? Be careful not to hold yourself up as a teacher.. they are held to a stricter judgement. You keep saying that a "tree" should not bear "ANY" bad fruit whatsoever. I would say that you are using such confused logic, and your posts are so confusing (even to me.. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/moron.gif" alt="" />) that the one verse that comes to mind, is that God is not the author of confusion. That is not good fruit.

Also, you tried to qualify "fruit" for us. Well, the Bible TELLS us what fruit is. It IS the fruit of the Spirit. Plain and simple.

Anyway, the baby is crying and dinner is almost done.. gotta make the salad.