If I was you I would stay as far away from Hunt's writing and teaching as possible. He has proved himself to be very unreliable. In fact despite some of his friends (Calvinists and non-Calvinists) urging for him to correct obvious errors in his book before going to publication, he kept these errors in.
One of these errors of course is his saying that CH Spurgeon was not a Calvinist. That is laughable for anyone who has done any serious reading of Spurgeon.
Hunt of course says in defense of his keeping this false information in his book. (Not exact words) That his opinion is that Spurgeon wasn't a Calvinist, regardless of whether or not others claim he was.

If there is one thing I know beyond a shadow of doubt, is that Spurgeon was a Calvinist, to say otherwise is delusional.
I have focused on Spurgeon, not because there aren't many other falsities in Hunt's book, but because in my opinion it is the most glaring.