The Bible is written using words. We need to have some standard for what each word means. If not Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary, submit some reference source you recommend.

By the way, you misquoted me, I didn't use Webster's Dictionary as a source.

The other dictionary I have is 'The American Heritage Dictionary' copyright 1982, 1985. If you like we can use it for purposes of defining the meaning of words.

I quoted an article on Bunyan's life from the World Book Encyclopedia as an example of a Scriptural doctrine clearly written in James 1:2-4.

Since you've questioned whether or not I have received this understanding from the Holy Spirit, I suggest you provide some testimony witnessing to some other source. Find some one who ever came to this same conclusion. Did I get this from Dr. MacArthur, or Dr. Boice, or Dr. Feinberg, or John Bunyan? If it came from Bunyan then produce the document John Bunyan wrote.

Did I plagiarize it from doctrine of either of the Catholic Churches, or the Methodists or the Dispensationalists?

If the doctrine is not correct, then you provide your own exegesis of the passage and explain what it means. If your exegesis contradicts other Scripture it must be false. In the same way, if my exegesis contradicts other Scripture, then my exegesis is false. The proof is in Scripture and only in Scripture.