Thank you providng the Biblical text confirming my position, which is - Christians are to seek the truth.

I think you are claiming, by implication, that what I've done is evil. But by seeking the truth and finding the truth, I have done what is good.

If you can't recognize truth, God is not in you. For the in-dwelling Holy Spirit confirms to you what is the truth.

All true Christians (all my brothers and sisters) understand this, it's a fundamental way to know whether someone else is a believer. All true Christians rely upon the Holy Spirit to guide them. The Bible says we are led by the Spirit. Led how? Led by discernment. Fundamental to discernment is recognizing truth from error.

All those reading the discussion as to whether or not Calvin agreed to the death of Servetus can be divided into two categories. Either they discerned that Calvin did agree or they did not discern Calvin agreed.

All those who discerned Calvin agreed to the death of Servetus are divided into two categories. Either they discerned this by their own intellect or they discerned it by the Holy Spirit.

When you break an idea down into a logical process of establishing whether something is one choice or another, then you are thinking rationally and logically. What is wrong with that?

This does NOT mean that those who did not discern that Calvin agreed do not have the Holy Spirit. They could have the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit didn't give them the information. The are still my brothers and sisters, but they perhaps they didn't ask, or perhaps they asked but doubted.

As to Paul's prayer being in Scripture, what's your point, so is the Lord's prayer. This is no argument against what I said. I know Jesus prayed, but He did so privately.

Where in Scripture did Jesus or any of His followers lead a multitude in prayer or even hold a prayer meeting? Is it wrong to pray? Of course not! Just don't try to convince anyone you're holy by some superficial jesture. You won't fool a true believer.