1saved said:
Brother Fred,

Thank you so much for your reply, as it has reinforced the testimony of Dr. MacArthur in his book "Reckless Faith."

George your missing the point John Macarthur isn't condemning Calvin for the death of Servetus he is pointing out that the Roman Catholic Church persecuted more people (and if they had gotten their hands on Servetus before he went to Geneva he would have been burned by them) then the Protestants did. As Fred pointed out he is setting up a historical contrast. Something you seem to be missing. That being said Horton is then providing the necessary information with regards to how Servetus' death came about and what John Calvin's role was regarding it.

I want you to be assured that I greatly admire Dr. MacArthur as a Bible teacher and acknowledge him as my brother in Christ. That said, I also want to tell you that I do not agree with everything Dr. MacArthur writes, but I do agree with a great majority of what he teaches.

In fact, when I first was saved in September, 1996, I received the bulk of my doctrine from the teaching of Dr. MacArthur while listening to his radio program "Grace To You" every morning while going to work on WMBI.

I have heard his 6-part tape message entitled "The Way To Heaven" and agree with every thing John said. I also recommend his 8-part tape message entitled "True Worship." I highly recommend these teachings of Dr. MacArthur for everyone to listen to and would suggest to every minister they be required listening within their church. I also liked Dr. MacArthur's tapes entitled "Show Me Your Faith", which is his expositional commentary of the Book of James. There are other teachings of Dr. MacArthur I could recommend, but I'll time out before I can finish.

I also recommend Dr. James M. Boice as a Bible teacher. I also do not agree with everything he wrote.

George the more I read from your posts the more I am convinced that you don't understand anything that either John MacArthur or James Boice taught. In fact I see more of a tendency for "ear tickling" than for true understanding you just listen to what you want to hear not what the Scriptures are plainly teaching.

And last but not least George
Fred asked George this:

With that re-posted, I might ask George - 1saved - a question: What relevance does Calvin's involvement with Servetus have on how we understand predestination, election, the atonement, etc? I always find it slightly amusing that any time Calvinism is involved in a discussion, at some point the anti-Calvinist antagonist will drag out the burned corpse of Michael Servetus as to why the Five points of Calvinism are heretical and should be rejected. But what bearing does the death of Servetus have on understanding what the Bible teaches on the nature of salvation? How does Servetus's unjust death change the exegesis of Romans 9 or Ephesians 1 or 1 John 2:2 for that matter? It is illogical to suggest that Calvin's involvement with Servetus nullifies the Bible's teaching on the doctrines of grace as Calvin taught in his theology and his followers continued to teach after his death. This is similar logic employed by anti-Bush haters who think Bush's drunkenness in college 30 years ago has some connection to American military policy in Iraq today. Maybe you can answer these questions George before Joe posts you back.

Do you think you have wherewithal to answer Fred's questions here? I know you gave him the glad hand routine when you found out that he was employed by John MacArthur but you seemed to avoid the direct questions. Think you can answer now or will you just keep avoiding it?