1saved said:

To answer your rebuttal to me, I can definitely say that the evidence of praying doesn't mean anything. There any many Roman Catholic monasteries and convents where prayer is done continually.

As a matter of fact, prayer should be done privately, in secret. Matthew 6:6 So, if Calvin's prayers were open to public knowledge, this only indicates he didn't follow Scripture.

As far as I'm concerned, this case is closed. Pilgrim has admitted John Calvin agreed to the death of Servetus, when Pilgrim wrote, "...because he agreed that Servetus got a fair trial and received a just punishment for his sin, even though he tried to change the method of his execution to something other than burning at the stake."

The only difference between the subject of the discussion and Pilgrim's statement is the difference in meaning between 'sanctioned' and 'agreed'.

George that must be the most idiotic statement I ever read in my entire life up to this point (I don't know I haven't read the rest of your posts perhaps your lack of sense degrades further) Pilgrim categorically stated that you were in error! https://www.the-highway.com/forum/showthr...mp;o=7&vc=1 Admit the truth you are wrong!