Brother Sanctus Stultus:

I waded through about a third of the post, found something germane to the issue and posted it as a service to others.

The only writers outside Scripture I've recommended to this website are Dr. MacArthur, Dr. Horton, Dr. Boice, Dr. Feinberg, John Bunyan and the book 'Inerrancy' edited by Norman Geisler.

In the future, I may choose to use another author than one of the above. For examples, I have books written by popular writers trying to understand and explain eschatology, i.e. Dr. John Walvoord and Tim Lahaye. I have a book by Rev. Billy Graham.

Should I check with you first? Is there some approved author list published on this website, so I would know who you will accept and who you won't accept as being notable or trustworthy?

By posting it, I did not recommend it, or its author, as having any credibility. In my response concerning Dave Hunt, I admitted to only reading one of his books called 'The Woman Rides The Beast', but since it involves eschatology, it was therefore not germane to the discussion. I deliberately didn't give any opinion on it, to show no bias!

I am certainly aware everyone is scrutinizing everything I've said, looking for someway to attack my logic and question my truthfulness. For example, Pilgrim thinks the dictionary I used (Funk & Wagnalls) is showing bias to define the words 'fruit' and 'tree' or 'sanction'. I offered to use the 'American Heritage Dictionary' instead, if he prefers, but he didn't answer.

I welcome honest concerns. You need to know whether someone is truthful and logical. But in doing so, be careful, for you are criticizing your brother. Jesus teaches us to remove the log from our own eye, before we look for the speck that's in our brother's eye.