Sanctus Stultus,

Perhaps you are not aware that Pilgrim and I agree that both Dr. MacArthur and Dr. Horton were 'notable Calvinists.'

If you look up the word 'notable' in your dictionary you will see why Dr. Norton's credibility was not in question. His credibility was established for the purpose of this discussion. Therefore I wrote what I wrote.

When I use the word 'authority' it is with a specific purpose in mind. Look this word up in your dictionary as well. If we can't agree to the meaning of words or how to determine their meaning, we might as well stop communicating with each other.

I'd provide the definitions of words for you, but what dictionary do you agree everyone should use, so I can extract them for you? Beyond that, which of the many choices for each word? Should we say that only the Oxford English Dictionary and the first definition of each word is acceptable?

How would you like to begin discussing which translation of Scripture everyone should agree to use. Do I have to use the same one John Calvin used, which was in Latin? Should I use the Tyndale, or the KJV only because that was what was probably used at the Westminster Confession of Faith?

Should we all insist on using only an antique dictionary from the 16th or 17th century? Maybe we should insist that everyone write in a olde English manner, so we have uniformity there as well?

I thought we were seeking the truth, not trying to coverup the truth. Coverups never succeed anyway. Wasn't this the lesson of Watergate and the Bill Clinton affair?

If you insist on claiming John Calvin did not "agree to the death of Servetus", then re-open the case. The legal system has provisions for an appeal in cases of a mistrial and I have no problem going over all the testimony again, if you think there is any value to do so.

You can contest the testimony of all the witnesses if you like and you can place any new evidence on the board. If you want to throw out the testimony of Dave Hunt, feel free.

The "guilty as charged" verdict wasn't based upon a decision by a judge or jury. The verdict was determined by the admission of guilt by Calvin's defense attorney, Pilgrim.

Therefore, there was no longer any reason to continue bringing any more evidence to the forum. If you want to defend Calvin against the charge made by Dr. John MacArthur as quoted in his book, you will have to challenge Dr. MacArthur's reputation as a credible witness. Are you prepared to do that?