Dear 1Saved,
Thank you for the clarifications. I appreciate your mentioning which dictionary you got these out of and where the word "sanction" came from. I apologize if my post came off as being offensive. I admit, my knowledge of the life of John Calvin is not nearly what I'm sure it could be, not on par with the rest of this board, but there were a few questions I was left wandering after reading your first post on this thread and I was trying to point them out with my original response.
I also thank you for pointing out who this Dr. Horton is, as I said, I've never heard of him. I will take your and Pilgrim's word's on this matter.

I must admit that I fail to see how I "disparage the reputation of our brothers," and especially after I understand you to have questioned my salvation (with your last paragraph), which would seem to indicate that you don't believe me to be your brother in Christ?

In all actuality, I'm afraid to report that it doesn't keep me up at night worrying whether Calvin allowed someone to kill a heretic or if he allowed poker night every week or something like that. If we judge a system of belief on the sole basis that the actions of an individual or a group of individual's then we're not judging a belief but it's adherents which doesn't really prove much at all. The pagans judge like that.
So, I don't really give a great deal of care and there's not much I can do about it if I did. And if I don't care then I most certainly don't sanction or oppose it. My post was strictly about your post.
Also, couldn't we just dumb this argument down to a matter of do you support the authority "established of God" and do you support the death penalty? Basically the only difference between those two questions and this one is that your argument is based on an incident mentioned in a book which happens to mention a famous theologian being invovled.

Oh, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I appreciate it when people say I'm odd, and getting compared to a Jack Nichelson character is definatly a new one for me, I laughed quite hardily after reading that one. It might help my understanding though if I had watched "A Few Good Men" but I've been too busy doing work and fellowshipping with church people to sit down and watch a hollywood production.

Finally, Yes, I know Jesus, I know that He is in control, it's as simple as our PreSchoolers put it, "God is in Control" I hope that you do as well, as I hope that all the members and readers of this board do. Ultimately though, my salvation is up to the Lord and I must work it out with fear and trembling. I cannot trust Him except He calls me with Irresistable Grace.

And by the way, my dad (an arminian) tries to use that verse from Matthew whenever I say anything questioning somebody, and if you actually read the chapter and in context and think about it, especially in the Greek, I think you'll come to discover that it's speaking about slandering people, otherwise it would negate your case since you're judgeing the fruit of John Calvin.

-Brother Luke

P.S. Now I might be wrong, but there are several points I don't believe you've addressed yet from my first post, but that's your business. "Have a nice day!"

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