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I greatly appreciate your patience with my ignorance, but I did in fact already know what information was supplied in short in this post. I appreciate your inclusion of these two links which I fully intent to examine.
It is clear though that the 5 points themselves are not known as "The Five Points of Calvinism" before Calvin existed though, but I understand and agree that this doctrinal system is evident throughout the Bible, especially in the writing's of Paul. And from what I've read of Augustine, it's most certain that he clung to these doctrines with all his might and loved them dearly. I would however caution (certain other persons) as I have been cautioned that the usage of the 5 points cannot be done at the expense of other biblical doctrines, we must let the Bible define our theology. That was the point I was trying to get across.

The "as I recall" that I used in my original post was more of a sarcastic or automatic wording, when I post all I'm doing is typing what I would say if this person were in front of me. I apologize if my way of speaking is confusing.

Speaking of all this history though, I still want to know how Oliver Cromwell got into all this? I don't really feel like going back to rediscover who mentioned him, but someone in this thread mentioned him and I'm just thinking, what in the world does Cromwell have to do with anything?

Anyway, that's enough showing my ignorance for one day.

Thank you very much,
Your Brother in Christ,
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