Dear sir, and I use that term loosely, let me first of all make it absolutely clear that you have annoyed and disturbed me to no end.

Also, let me make it clear that I was not apologizing for my implications, I was apologizing for your inferences taken from my post. I also apologize that you have been so poorly taught as to be unable to read what I have posted in plain English, I DON"T GIVE A FIG NEWTON ABOUT A LEGAL DECISION, I CARE ABOUT YOU INSULTING MOST EVERYTHING I BELIEVE IN, I CARE ABOUT YOU AND PERSON'S LIKE YOU MISREPRESENTING THE CHRISTIAN FAITH BY POSTING SUCH WILD LEAPS OF LOGIC AND CONTRIBUTING TO THE LACK OF INTELLIGENCE WE SEE SO PREVALENT IN THIS SOCIETY, THAT AMONGST OTHER THINGS IS WHAT I CARE ABOUT.

I sir have not disparaged Johnny Mac or your reputations, though I am greatly tempted to say some rather unkind things about you, but in kindness I hold back (for now).

If I can post what I have posted in this thread and others and not be a Christian then I have imitated one soundly enough that I deserve the largest of helpings to hellfire for forgery and perjury, but I KNOW the ONE in whom I have believed.

Furthermore, you discern that a Calvinist of note and an Arminian of which you have only read a sentence of are your brothers? But then to so liberally imply a lack of salvation upon my part? Again, your leaps of logic are astonishing.

I am less embarrassed by my dad's lack of understanding than I am by churches that allow for such a lack of understanding, one of which I even now work to encourage to the study of church history and doctrine. It is such church's that I would discern people like unto yourself come from. As has been pointed out, I needn't speak as to the reputations of Jacob Arminius and John Wesley, God will judge them on that final day, but their reputations can very easily speak as to their behalf, I suggest you study them as I see you are already on the way to learning their craft in my opinion.

You remarked:
Unregenerate people can't discern the truth. This is because God is not in them. For if God were in them, He (God, the Holy Spirit) would testify to them of the truth.
I bear this in mind when I deal with persons such as yourself.

I further reiterate that I do not have a problem with the work of John MacArthur, from what I have heard he preaches Christ and Him crucified, that I applaud. I do not however consider Johnny Mac as being authoritative, he is just as human as the rest of us.

Nevertheless, whatever your supposition, whatever your hypothetical situation, Calvin upheld the law in this matter, and there are others here arguing that he asked for mercy on the behalf of this heretic, so even amidst your bashing of John Calvin and his reputation it is clear that Calvin was obeying the Bible.

As to the explanation of the Trinity, as you have already pointed out, the regenerate will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit, I trust that if you need an explanation of it from Scripture you shall either ask one of those who has born good fruit upon this board or you could read one of the many sermon's linked to this site and other reputable Christian sites.

Oh, and just as a general note to anyone who reads this, the only reason I mentioned the usage of Cromwell as an example is to ask when he became a leader of the church since I've never seen him addressed as anything but a political figure in British history. If Cromwell was a protestant, that's sweet, but I won't accept him as a plausible example of anything except what I know him to be until I see evidence of him being something else.

And that is all I really have to say on this matter at this time.

-Brother Luke