Pilgrim said:
Likewise, God doesn't force any man's will to repent and/or believe upon Christ; He "recreates the will".

Absolutely. No one is 'forced' to believe against their will, God gives man a new will in regeneration. Before they are born again all their will is against God, they love sin and are at enmity with God.

Once born again of the Spirit, they have a new will which seeks after God and willingly believes.

So the work is all of God because He causes our new birth, but ONCE born again we willingly believe.

It seems like everyone here is really trying to say similar things. I don't think anyone really thinks that God 'forces' man to believe as though man's will is otherwise but God forces him to, but they are just stressing that the work is ALL God's because it is God who regenerates us and therefore gives us a new, a willing heart, to believe on him.