ok here's my confusion still. these are all quotes from this long thread. 4EverLearning says "God and man must both do something before a man can be saved" and "every man who turns to Christ does so willingly, but..of the Father's election"
My question: How is there any choice from us if it all originates from God??

4EverLearning quote ""God changes their will so they will desire to Come to Him, but it is still their choice to accept or reject Him"

My Q: So is it possible that one can have the Spirit begin some regeneration and then a person can reject this and go to hell?? Well if the answer is no (which I believe it is), then where is the our choice then with this???

Pilgrim quote "In regeneration, God frees the sinner from the bondage of his sin nature and gives both the desire and ability to repent and believe. ...the person is 'irresistibly' drawn to Christ.."

My Q: again where is our choice. ok you say God initiates the regeneration and then we have choice after this, but then you're saying we are irresistably drawn -- this implies to me we do not have a choice here. If we truly had a choice wouldn't we be able to walk away and reject the regeneration that was started by God???

Pilgrim again says "Man must and will 'choose' to believe upon Christ as a result of regeneration."

My Q: Again, I just don't get it. Where is the choice then if man "must" choose to believe?????

Henry says "I think we're missing the mystery here."

My response "Yes, I think it's a mystery!"

Pilgrim quote "God predestinated a certain number of sinners to be saved by faith in Christ"

My Q: Then where on earth is our choice in the matter. It just doesn't make sense! If it's God woos us and draws us and it's truly a choice doesn't that mean we can reject that wooing and drawing. You are saying that's not possible. Then to me that's not a choice then and we are "puppets".

Pilgrim quote "He 'recreates the will'.

My Q: Then isn't our will then being coerced and "forced" on us???

In my (confused) opinion it seems like Pilgrim and BookMark are really in the same boat - that there is no choice.
BookMark quote "You had as much 'choice' in your spiritual re-birth as you did in your natural birth." That's what I really see in Pilgrim's responses and 4Ever Learning.

Ok that's my confusion. Maybe someday I'll understand where you're coming from, but for now I remain dazed and confused. And I'll do some reading like I said I'll do.

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