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The idea that we are robots is a Hyper-Calvinist view. The biblical view is that man is responsible and that God is Sovereign. We cannot understand how both things can be true, but they are. The following are notes taken from Iain Murray's book Spurgeon and the Hyper-Calvinists.
Human responsibility
"Free agency is not to be confused with "free will". Since the fall, men have not lost their responsibility, but they have lost their ability, the will to obey God. " Hyper Calvinists argue that sinners cannot be required to do what they are not able to do, so if a preachers calls sinners to repentance, he is denying human depravity and God's sovereign grace ." [Spurgeon] asserted as strongly as it has ever been asserted, that the will of God is omnipotent both in the provision and in the application of every part of salvation: "Our Lord's mission was not so much to save all whom He addressed, as to save out of them as many as His Father gave Him." He stressed that those who reject the gospel offer will not be able to say that God's sovereignty kept them from doing so, but they will be condemned for their sin of unbelief. He was not able to explain this mystery but said of God's sovereignty and man's responsibility "Both are true; no two truths can be inconsistent with each other; and what you have to do is to believe them both." Hyper Calvinists attempted to get rid of the problems by denying man's responsibility for all his actions.