Since "regeneration" is just another word for "new birth" does it not make sense that one is born again after one has died with Christ and is justified? (Rom 6:3-5).

Christ died for our justification and rose again to life. And we are justified by sharing in his death that we might walk a new life. Yet you seem to be teaching that we are raised to life (new birth/regeneration) before we die with Christ.

(fred) The Bible would separate the work of justification done on the cross, from the actual work of the spirit's regeneration. In other words, Christ's death was a one time event that redeemed his people. Regeneration, and the whole of salvation, is the application of that justifying work. We died with Christ on the cross judicially, legally; however, the individual application of that finished work is applied by God when one is brought to new birth by the work of the Holy Spirit. In fact, this is Paul's argumentation in Romans. Note that all of justification is said to be accomplished in Romans 3. This work is further developed in Chapters 4 and 5. Romans 6 begins the subject of sanctification. We are identified with Christ because we have been baptized into Him, and as a result, Paul argues that we are not to continue in sin. We have been set free from the bondage of sin (its hold and tyranny upon the individual). Before, identified with the old man, Adam, we had no ability to do anything, including believing savingly, to please the Lord. Yet, due to Christ's work, God can bring those people for whom Christ died to salvation and to a position of newness of life in the new man Christ, by the act of regeneration.


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