I too had to come to a point where I understood that the Bible does not teach the continuance of the miraculous gifts, as gifts given to men, to be signs of God given authority to speak and act for God with the same authority that the Apostles and prophets had. So I appreciate your position. But you have not yet thought it through, nor seen the unfortunate, indeed tragic and dangerous implicatiions of your beliefs.

I am all too familiar with your view. This is certainly the BEST cessationist argument. But it is just that - an argument. Paul implies at least twice that the gifts will be here until the second coming...and i must go with that. you seem to expect me to just accept things on the basis of your opinion.

You have already demonstrated to my satisfaction your inability to properly interpret scripture according to sound hermeneutics, good logic, and simple wisdom, so your statement does not surprise me.

What you mean is, I won't accept what you read into Ephesians, and I believe that life comes from believing just as the gospel of John says. I fear that you are really convinced of what you say. I marvel, and am sad at your hardness of heart at the same time, that you can dismiss whole scriptures because they don't fit your system. Am I wrong to believe that life comes from believing as John actually said? Or that the quickening is through faith as Paul said? No, it is you who cannot handle good logic. I note that you are not able to give an example. Sound logic means that you believe that life comes from believing, not deny it on the basis of something you have read into another verse!

The rest of your post, like the ones before, was full of subjective superior sounding claims. I suppose the early Scots Presbyterians were into dangerous and tragic beliefs too? But if the bible isn't good enough for you, appealing to the covenanters is pointless too.

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