I have one very simple question:
Does your response suggest that you do not intend to be civil? If you could answer that for me then I would know whether there would be any reason for you to stick around.

Sure, I will be civil to everybody who engages in discussion, and actually answers questions and objections rather than resorting to not so subtle ad hominem attacks, as your friends have constantly done. Of course all of them had to hide behind generalisations or else the shallowness of the charges would be evident. When faced with this kind of behaviour I reserve the right to respond to such as their conduct deserves. If that means being thrown off then fine. Yes, I will cordially reply to Susan, but I do not expect ANY MORE ad hominen attacks - this is no substitute for actual discussion. I don't want to hear how stupid I am (Mensa mebership notwithstanding), how I cannot understand these things because I haven't done enough hermeneutics courses, that my beliefs are dangerous and will lead people to destruction, that I don't understand what I am saying, etc ad nauseum. If your friends can stick to the scripture so can I.

One thing I will add though - I wish to apologise to Pilgrim for saying he relies on the Protestant Reformation. All he said was that I cannot understand what the Reformers said because I haven't had enough college, which in itself deserves an apology to me (which of course will not be forthcoming).

Hypocrisy is defined as: “The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.”

The essence of it is to pretend to something. You say you don't like my tone, but you have no problem with the tone of others, and have no word of correction for them. It seems to me, and forgive me if I am wrong, that you pretend to be offended at the tone, when in reality you are offended because it is a non calvinist using the tone, not because of the tone itself.


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