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That order of salvation seemed a little 'metcalfian' to me <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> At least in some points. But yes, overall, with a few modifications, I think it does allow for my position within a framework which acknolwedges the preceding work of the Holy Spirit.

I guess as long as you can acknowledge that actual new life is a result of believing, then I agree that the work of the Spirit begins prior to believing, with an awakening, conviction etc. I would say that this work leads up to regeneration, because I see regeneration as the point of receiving a new heart, spiritual life, a cleansed heart etc - the washing of regeneration, rather than all the work leading up to that. But the crucial truth which I believe is critically important to understanding the gospel is the liberating truth that life comes from believing, even if that believing is a result of the inward call of the Holy Spirit. I think Calvinism has gotten itself into a dead end by teaching that faith is a result of life.

Has Masters weathered the controversy he stirred by inviting Robert Reymond to London?
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