Zion Seeker,
I can offer a hearty Amen to your quote inviting sinners to repent!

I have great respect for Pilgrim's theological knowledge as well as Steve's and I do not think they would try to lead you astray in their handling of the Greek. And since Pilgrim desires to teach the truth faithfully here and has devoted his life to that, I can understand how it was very insulting to him to have you insinuate that he didn't know what he was talking about. It is unfortunate when things get personal here and the discussion ends up focusing on inflammatory remarks and then no one is edified in the process. We seek to honor God here and his truth.
I don't have all the answers. These things have been argued over for centuries, and until I get some clearer light - and a better knowledge of Greek - I am shelving it, knowing that I can't get any further with it for right now. But there are just too many scriptures that attribute new life itself to faith in the clearest and most unmistakable terms.
I will pray for you Zion Seeker. I believe you are seeking the truth and I do believe that the Lord will show you the way.