Well, of course, you know what a big fan I am of John Metcalfe <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/takethat.gif" alt="" /> Any connection between his views and mine is wholly coincidental.

I think Long John Silver's parrot had a firm grasp of theology. When he wasn't saying, "Pieces of eight!", he would squawk, "Dead men don't bite!" This is a profound truth; dead men don't bite, nor do they believe unless the Lord first gives them a principle of life.

'But for him that is joined to all the living there is hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion. For the living know that they will die; but the dead know nothing' (Eccl 9:4-5).

When a baby is born, the parents are so relieved when it takes its first breath and cries. It is a sign that the baby is alive. But unless there is already a principle of life within the baby, it will never take that breath. So it is with a new Christian. Spiritual life brings faith; where there is no faith there is no life. But unless there is already a principle of life present, then no one will ever come to faith.

I think your strictures on Calvinism come from confusing it with Hyper-Calvinism. A true Calvinist has no problem telling people, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." As one who spent many years in an Arminian church, I have no hesitation in saying that there is more true spiritual life in a Calvinist church than in an Armininian one. Carry on reading Spurgeon.

[Reference Peter Masters and Robert Reymond, I know nothing about any controversy]

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