Jason1646 said:
One thing I have to say though, is that the tune library is disappointing. The music is done by an electronic synthesizer and the notes are not easy to distinguish. I wish they (or someone) would make MIDI files available like what is out there for the Trinity Hymnal.


Hmm, I wonder what tune library you are referring to? There is not a electronic synthesizer (or organs) on the CD's sold at Crown and Covenant. This is a ministry of the RPCNA which holds to an exclusive psalmody without musical accompaniment. (This is why they do not sell "Psalms of the Trinity Psalter.")

As for the Trinity Hymnal MIDI files, you might want to check out the Trinity Psalter, which is available from Crown and Covenant and Great Commission Publications. This is a compact words only Psalter that is keyed to selections in the Trinity Hymnal for the tunes. For example Psalm 46, second version has the notation "TUNE: EIN' FESTE BURG (46C) ("A Mighty Fortress Is Our God")."

Soli Deo Gloria
John Schultz
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