Dear Friend:

You said:

The story of the gospel is being portrayed, and I rejoice in that.

But I must disagree.

The story of the Gospel is not being portrayed, but rather, in it's place a masterful and moving deception. You have believed lies that have been told you about that story. I can make that statment dogmatically because you have told us that you detected no Roman Catholic teaching in what you saw, and you have even extolled that teaching for all to see and hear. You have encouraged others to partake of heresy, a heresy that has clearly been stated by those who made the movie to promote the lie of Mary's role of coremdemptorix with Christ.

You have insulted the Lord Christ, and his faithful ministers who have warned you of this error by calling them PC, when it is you who are PC and going along with the mass of public opinion.

You, my friend, are deceived, and are disobeying the Second Commandment, which was given us because we are so suseptable to idolotry. That is why the writers of the Heidleberg catechism worded their teaching as they did, and that teaching has been displayed here for you to see.

Are so much better informed than Ursinus? I don't think so. These men knew and worshiped Christ in a way that most today can't even conceive of, and that is spiritually, and thus they knew that to see Him in his flesh was but nothing compared to the glory of His spiritual reality, revealed to the eyes of faith.

Choose the lesser for the greater if you prefer, but do not cast dispersions on your elders and betters in the faith when they warn you of your error.

May the Lord bring you to a right understanding of these things.

In Him,