When I saw it on Thursday, I didn't see ANY Catholic imagry. They showed Mary (Holy crap! Can't do that in a story about Jesus can we???)

Did you not see the portrayal of the devil? Did you not see the woman, St. Veronica, who wiped Jesus' face? Did you not see the Pieta, where Mary held the dead Jesus in her arms? Did you not note that the disciples addressed Mary as "Mother"? Did you not see the overwhelming emphasis on Jesus' physical agony? How could you miss the Catholic imagery? I haven't even seen the movie, but I have read about all of this in reviews of it.

Not to sound like a [img]https://the-highway.com/Smileys/censored.gif[/img], but the 2nd Commandment arguement, while I can see the validity, just doesn't seem to hold water. The idol is made when we, every time we read the Scriptures, see Jesus as THAT Jesus on the screen. Then we have made a graven image.

What was on that screen had a major impact on my life. I had never really been taught or believed that crucifixion was that brutal. I have a new dimension to the Gospel accounts than I did before. And if that is a bad thing, than, well, I am in the wrong for having a deeper understanding of what happened.

What is the deeper understanding that you have gained from the brutality of Mel Gibson's imaginary protrayal of Christ's Passion? Do you think you have a greater understanding than the Gospels themselves offer, which are sparse on detail? You have now an image in your mind, which I pray does not recur to you every time you partake of the Lord's Supper.

Personally, I think that the reason a lot of people are so against this movie is because it shows, as realistically as was needed at this time, what happened to Christ and others in those days and also takes attention away from renownd pastors and onto what Jesus did, and they can't handle that.

What an accusation to make! Do you think that so many of your brothers and sisters here, who have expressed disapproval of the movie, do so to prevent glory being taken away from men? Or, rather, to prevent glory being taken away from the Word revealed in Scripture?

I have a lot of respect for White and the others who are so adamant against this film, but at the same time, being fallable men, they are not right on everything.

White is not "so adamant against this film"; he has expressed his concerns about it, and has warned that there are some people who should not see it. But he does not recommend one way or the other in general.

I think it is sad when people, especially Christian pastors, are so intolerant of anything other than reformed preaching and dry hymns that when someone does something radical, suddenly it is seen as some sort of damnable thing.

What exactly is so RADICAL about this film, except that people more and more oppose anything that mentions Jesus positively? There have been images of Christ, even bloody images of Him, for 1,700 years!

And from a truth standpoint, more of the church, reformed and otherwise, needs to stop being so PC and start using their GOd-given abilities and go out and share the Gospel in boldness and love.

When virtually the entire American church is flocking to see this movie, hardly even beginning to question it, what on earth is so P.C. about not seeing it for theological reasons and for reasons of obedience to God?


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.