I respond here cuz I just wanna make one big response and not like 4 little ones.

To be quite honest, I don't know how to respond to what you've said because it just seems to me like you're all saying that because I don't hold your exact letter for letter interpretation of Scripture that I am utterly wrong and deceived. And I take issue with that because, apart from other people's interpretations agreeing with yours, there is nothing that says that your interpretation is the completely right one. And the same holds for me. I know I am not always right. I just honestly don't see the arguement because other, similar, movies have come out and I've NEVER heard these arguements presented. Why now?

Of all the responses to me, Pilgrim makes the most sense because, instead of quoting an article, he gives me Scripture to meditate on. And I will.

And what if I come to a different conclusion? Am I suddenly unregenerate because I don't have the same thoughts on everything as you all here?

I am not mad at what all has been said. I disagree with some of it. But I am not mad. At the same time, though, I think it is important to know the content of the movie firsthand because people in this day want to know about people's personal experiences. Not what they have heard about this or that. And that is where I think the work of God comes into play with this movie.

People are led to ask questions based on what they saw on the screen. And those of us who have watched it will know the scene they are speaking of, and can relate with the person and conversation will start. Opportunity to minister right there.

God works all things according to His will, as I said earlier. And if He wills to save someone using this movie as the means to get them to seek Him, than praise God.