I just honestly don't see the arguement because other, similar, movies have come out and I've NEVER heard these arguements presented. Why now?

Perhaps because you were in different circles when those came out? I haven't heard anything about the Second Commandment in relation to this movie except via this board and from a Presbyterian minister whom I know. Otherwise, nothing.

It hasn't been until this movie that I even thought much about the Second Commandment, particularly as it relates to the representation of Christ. I have become convinced of the historical interpretation that has been presented by several people here.

Of all the responses to me, Pilgrim makes the most sense because, instead of quoting an article, he gives me Scripture to meditate on. And I will.

In my response to you, I did not quote any articles, although I didn't quote Scripture, either.

And what if I come to a different conclusion? Am I suddenly unregenerate because I don't have the same thoughts on everything as you all here?

Not at all; however, we cannot simply ignore the issue, can we?

At the same time, though, I think it is important to know the content of the movie firsthand because people in this day want to know about people's personal experiences. Not what they have heard about this or that.

Perhaps people in this day should be redirected to some extent? I think, though perhaps I am being overly confident, that I can respond to questions about "The Passion" without having to see the movie, particularly with the number of reviews and critiques I have read. I do not think it necessarily wrong to view the movie with the intent to learn what is in it, although I think to go for the experience has the potential to be a major problem for Christians, especially those who are still babes.

God works all things according to His will, as I said earlier. And if He wills to save someone using this movie as the means to get them to seek Him, than praise God.

True enough! But that does not sanctify all means for our use.


I tell you, this man went down to his house justified.