I've also been thinking a couple of other things about the Passion:

For all of the evangelical Christians who are viewing the movie, the big response I've heard is that "It showed me what Jesus really did for me." "I fell in love with Jesus again." But could this response indicate an emotional capitulation to a false gospel?

What really happened on the cross? Was it just Jesus enduring physical torment as a demonstration of His love for us? That was part of it, but when we make it all of it, we have abandoned the Biblical gospel and have walked into something resembling Moral Government theology. The real point of the cross was not Mary giving up her son, or Satan tormenting Jesus, or even Jesus' physical body enduring unspeakable pain (although these may have all been parts of it, especially the latter). The real point was the wrath of God being poured out upon His own Son, for our sakes, a horror that no movie can portray. That is why I believe that the Passion may be encouraging a belief in a false gospel already blithely accepted by so many.

The second point I wanted to make is this: so many have justified, and justify, the movie, based upon their experience. "Nobody could talk afterword." "It was an experience no words could describe." They therefore say that it was good for them to go see the movie- not only in the sense that it was acceptable, but that it was good for them spiritually. But this argument means nothing. If anybody were to watch a movie of anyone being physically brutalized for 1 1/2 hours, they would be unable to speak afterword- again, no matter who that person was. We would feel deep emotion for them. We would cal it an incredible experience. That is why our response to this movie must not be rooted in our experience of watching it, or the feelings we felt, but upon God's Word.

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