"Sorry, but some us "reformed" believers choose to NOT be so PC, but rather we choose to follow the Scriptures and not Hollywood and the Devil"

It is said that a man is better known by his enemies than by his assumed friends. Who were the enemies of this film? It was Hollywood, The liberal media, including our pretty boy newscasters , The political liberals, the Sodomite (I try to refrain from using the "gay" tag),along with our mainline church crowd who have long ago left any semblense of Christian orthodoxy. I fear that too many brothers within the reformed movement, inspite of our love of reason have failed to let God's truth move from our heads to our hearts. A proverb that goes something to the effect that the longest journey known to man is the distance from his head to his heart. I saw nothing in the film that smacked of any kind of "Catholic imagery".
I understand that the only appearance in the film by Mel Gibson was the scene where the nails were being driven into Jesus' hands--he insisted that his hands be shown as the ones that drove those nails.
I would suggest, that for two hours, all on this forum would force them selves to view it---and do so as Bereans, opening up their minds with as little prejudicial presupposition as possible. Humbling ones self is hard, but often well rewarding.