Hi Fred:

In response to my statement as follows:
You are of course entitled to another view, but you are rejecting the majority view of the orthodox Christian community for centuries, and I find your basis for doing so quite unsubstantial, if what you have provided here is the whole of it.

You made the following statement:
If the historic majority is the determiner of orthodoxy, then we need to go back to Rome.
I would respond that I thought it would be obvious to you that when I say "majority view of the orthodox Christian community" I am refering to orthodoxy, which Roman Catholicism is not.

Your statement appears to be an attempt to say that following the teaching of the historic creeds and confessions of the orthodox Reformed faith is no more than following Rome, which I know you don't believe.

I am saying, which ought to be more than obvious, the exact opposite of that, Fred, for the movie the Passion, is a PRODUCT OF ROME, is ENDORSED BY ROME, teaches ROMES DOCTRINES, and is designed to draw the unwary to ROME. What could be clearer?

In Him,