My overall objections in these posts, however, is the insistence that any movie about Christ, or painting, or flannel board cartoon, is a violation of the 2nd commandment. I do not believe such images are, because the 2nd command prohibits the worship of those images.

I can appreciate, although I find it indefensible, your NCT view, i.e., because of it you reject the perpetuity and binding character of the Ten Commandments. However, regardless of whether the overwhelming majority of Christians and nearly every single denomination which came out of the Protestant Reformation worldwide held to the interpretation and application of the Second Commandment, which you are want to throw out the door for something "new and improved", if we were to set that aside for the sake of argument, your objections still do not address my other reasons why any and all depictions of any of the three Persons of the Godhead are blasphemous and should be avoided completely. As a reminder, they are:

- Chalcedon Creed: the separation of the two natures of Christ.
- The perfect holiness and righteousness of Christ in His humanity.
- Diminishing or even denial of the perfect active obedience of Christ.
- Specific to the movie: the emphasis upon the physical suffering (much fabricated) against the Scripture's emphasis upon the spiritual character and nature of Christ's death, i.e., as a vicarious substitutionary sacrifice and propitiation for the sins of the elect.

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