I will let you have the last word on this issue. We can all bicker back and forth about this until cows come home. Just as a final note, I don't have a contention with you and the others opposed to my convictions about the specific movie, "The passion of the Christ." I have similar concerns as you all do, though I believe my concerns are more along the lines of the encroaching Roman Catholicism portrayed in the movie, rather than the breaking of the 2nd commandment. Perhaps you see both of those classifications as being one and the same; I do not.
At any rate, let us grant the validity of your other reasons you list. I still do not think it violates the 2nd commandment if a movie portrays Christ as perfectly holy, shows his active obedience, and emphasizes the spiritual character of Christ's substitutionary and propitatory sacrifice. I believe those are truths that can be portrayed in a movie if the film's creators so deemed it.


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