Mark & All

To me the whole point on whether or not good or bad comes out of the movie is not the point.
If it is used to get Christians off their duff, then praise the Lord, but that is God’s business not ours.
The point to me is should this movie really have been made and should Christians endorse it?

I have read enough information about this movie even reported by those who endorse the movie, that I can't in good conscience go to see it. That isn’t even taking into consideration that I think it breaks the 2nd commandment.
They reported all the extra biblical scenes in that movie that came from Roman Catholic sources and the list was quite long.
They even reported how these scenes were not meant as artistic license, but were true to form to what Mel Gibson actually believes.
I find it quite ironic that these people after finding all these Roman Catholic scenes could come out giving the movie a thumbs up. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/scratch1.gif" alt="" />
It wouldn’t have surprised me if these people didn’t have a fair amount of Bible knowledge or were Roman Catholics themselves. But the fact is some of these people are Reformed pastors and theologians.