"People who are well-versed in the Scriptures would be able to pick out which scenes and even words which not in accord with the Scriptures or were not to be found in the Scriptures. Bible illiteracy is that which I am sure the Devil delights in and uses most effectively for his own cause. " I knew which scenes were not Biblical, just not which ones were Catholic tradition and which ones were artistic license. "I'm so glad you made this statement because I have asked people who have gone to see this movie to tell what their personal reaction was afterward. But none were willing to do so. " I've never been one to back away from a candid answer. "For yourself, this movie did what for you? In other words, did it give you a clearer? better? new? understanding of Christ's crucifixion?" For the most part, it drove home the magnitude of my unworthiness. NOt so much the unworthiness of the suffering, of which I am - but my unworthiness of the Grace of which he has given me. "You said, "All I wanted to do is go home . . . and worship . . .". So, what did the movie do to motivate you to worship? Did you find that the movie moved you to worship more so than when you hear a sermon on the crucifixion?" It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words. I have been a believer for many, many years (presently I hold the office of Deacon at a PCA church) and have heard no telling how many sermons on the crucifixion. None of them had the impact that this did.(and that doesn't mean none of them I heard never ahd an impact) Even now, weeks later, the thing that rings in my mind is the soldiers counting the stripes. The sound echoes, and each one was for me, and I deserved all of them and more. "Can you say that seeing an actor portray Christ in His alleged final hours increased your desire to worship over anything else you have read or heard?" In this case, yes.