You have missed my point.
My point was that you seem even after even acknowledging the movie's biblical short comings, to be endorsing the movie.
I don't understand how you could do this as a Protestant.
Perhaps now that you do know a little more about the Roman Catholic teaching in the movie, you have changed your mind?

I have no wish to dirrect these questions to the makers of the film. Why? Because those things that I mentioned are very consistant with the beliefs of the makers of the movie.
Mel Gibson has said himself that he made the film as part of his penance. This is in harmony with Roman Catholic teaching.

You also said: "But that being said, it is a MOVIE and movies do one thing, they tell a story as the director sees it or wants it told. It is a MOVIE, not scripture."

Like I said, this is much more than just a movie. It was made as penance to Mel Gibson. To him and to most of the makers of the movie, it is an accurate depiction of the last few days of the life of Jesus.

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