"You have missed my point.
My point was that you seem even after even acknowledging the movie's biblical short comings, to be endorsing the movie.
I don't understand how you could do this as a Protestant.
Perhaps now that you do know a little more about the Roman Catholic teaching in the movie, you have changed your mind?"

No. If Mel Gibson is lost, he needs the Grace and love of Jesus Christ, not our hatred. You see, to me, being Protestant doesn't mean "Hate Catholics, or anything remotely resembling Catholicism". Our Lord said that the Greatest Commandment was to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul - the SECOND is like unto the first - to love your neighbor as yourself"

I have 2 good neighbors that are devout Catholics. I talk to them often, have been to dinner with them. They need the love of Christ and they won't see it if I walk into their homes and start spouting the evils of the church.