A lot of what you said in your post has been discussed in some of the threads on this topic. But I was not aware that the SBC had endorsed the film, as well as the information about the cult awareness division. That is indeed a sad piece of news. If you know where to find more information on that aspect, I for one would be interested in reading it.

As you are probably aware however, most Reformed Baptists don't believe the film violates the 2nd commandment. I am in the minority on that one.
So for the most part (not that I haven’t talked about it) when talking to other Baptists I stay away from the 2nd commandment issue.
I have not seen the movie myself (for obvious reasons), but with all the research I have done on it, I certainly feel like I have seen it. My research comes from both the films critiques and those who have endorsed it.

When I talked to most of my friends about the issue, although most of them respected my right not to want to see it, they never the less made it known that they will reserve judgment until after they see it.
I am fairly happy to report that many of them that saw it, they recently told me that I was correct about the movie being full of Roman Catholic theology.


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