I am Reformed Episcopal, and even RECUSA. I'll need an explanation as to "evangelical". However, I can assure you that all the priests within our denomination are TULIP oriented, and adhere to the 39 Articles.<br><br>Sign of the cross, as far as I understand, is a matter of religious freedom. I cannot speak for the entirety of the church, but I know of no priests who would ask you to leave for not doing it.<br><br>Unsure as to the stance on crucifixes. However, I can say that the church holds tradition in high order. However, we are Sola Scriptura. Again, a matter of freedom I would assume.<br><br>God in a box-we don't hold to transubstantiation. We are probably closer to the WCF on this matter. Holding the elements in this place is again a tradition we opt to retain. We also take communion in both kinds.<br><br>Since we are not the largest denomination, each parish will arrange their furniture differently, as allowed by available space and architectural considerations.<br><br>We use the words priest and father to denote their roles. Again, tradition we opt to hold to.<br><br>Mass is also a traditional term we opt to continue to use.<br><br>Yes, we are reformed. However, if you mean more than soteriology, you'll have to explain, and elaborate. I know the church takes apostolic tradition seriously. However, we also allow for Christian freedom, and do not require people to do or hold to all the same exact beliefs we do. Please realise that I am also only a layman. I understand some of the deep ideals involved, but have only been reformed myself for about two years. You may contact any parish father or bishop for further explanation.<br><br><br>God bless,<br><br>william