No need to patronize me with the word "Mass". I was raised Roman Catholic. The words Sacrifice and Mass have always gone hand in hand. <br>Lest you think I lie, at, I read "it must be Jesus Christ whose death on the Cross is re-enacted in the Sacrifice of the Mass", and "The Sacrifice of the Mass communicates, you might say radiates, the divine assistance that our wills need to surrender themselves to the mysterious and often demanding will of God", etc. etc. <br>Another interesting source is<br>Furthermore, read any official Papal proclamations, and you will see phrases such as "The Sacrifice of the Mass". <br>Additionally, I notice you have still not answered any of the other questions, such as regarding crucifixes, the altar, preaching as the focus, etc.<br><br>Let me PLEASE reiterate, I asked questions about the Reformed Episcopal Church. Instead of answering said questions, you have attempted to change the subject and ask about Presbyterian worship of the Lord's Supper. This would be akin to an attorney asking the defendant where he was at 6:30PM on March 1st, and the defendent saying, "No, Mr. Attorney, where were YOU at 6:30PM on March 1st". <br><br>Steve C<br>

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