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Why would GOD take care of children here on earth an then let them die forever. that is a heartbreaker.[/i][/b]
This is one of those issues where emotions seem to dictate one's beliefs, rather than what the Scriptures teach being the foundation of truth. You will find passions run high on both sides; on the one side where emotions over rule propositional truth, all kinds of arguments are set forth, usually appealing to the love and goodness of God, parenthood, etc. One the other side are those who look at this issue more objectively and hold to the biblical teaching of the sovereign grace of God Who is infinitely holy and the sinfulness of man who is born into this world with both the guilt of the Fall imputed and the corrupt nature inherited (aka: Original Sin).

What the Scriptures teach is that ALL are born under the wrath of God and subject to condemnation. NONE are worthy of mercy or grace, for there is not ONE who is righteous, no not one. NO ONE seeks after God by nature. For ALL are born with an innate hatred of God and all that is good. God, being thrice holy would be perfectly just in condemning the entire human race into eternal punishment. But in His infinite mercy for reasons only known unto Himself, although we do know that His choice to save any is wholly "unconditional", i.e., there is NOTHING about the person nor ANYTHING that a person might do, e.g., believe (which is impossible without grace anyway), which moved God to choose some over any other. (Rom 9:6ff; Eph 1:4ff)

The truth of this matter is like a very large pill. It is very difficult for many to swallow. Instead of allowing the inspired Word of God determine what we are to believe, many reject that Word and impose upon God what THEY feel would be "fair", "just", "right", "love", etc.

The LORD God is benevolent to all here on earth in many temporal ways. (cf. Matt 5:45) That men are even allowed to draw a breath of air is testimony to the goodness of God. (Rom 2:1ff)

Thus most ask the wrong question, e.g., "How could God hate Esau?". The right question should be, "How could God love Jacob? Why has God loved anyone of the human race?" THIS is the reality of grace; i.e., UNDESERVED favor. If one posits that there is anything which is commendable about man which God should recognize and be swayed to act favorably because of it, then it is not grace which is bestowed, but one's due.

To end this now, I would suggest that at that last and sober day when all shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ and be tried according to their works; either those of their own of those which were wrought for them in Christ, those of us who have been given new hearts and have been reconciled to God in Christ Jesus will be so enthralled with the Lord and His grace that all else will be nothing more than a fleeting thought. All our present attractions and bonds here on earth will be removed and we will be wholly bound in love to the Triune God; praising Him for both His grace and justice.

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