I think that, honestly, the Catholics, from my understanding, have a good response to the issue of where babies go. They just say trust God cuz He'll do right despite what we think here on earth.

The Bible is pretty silent on the matter, and so therefore, I don't think that we CAN know, in this lifetime, how God chooses to work here apart from grace and Unconditional Election. When we get to heaven, though, I don't think that it will matter to us. I am not a father yet, in fact, I am only just beginning a relationship with a girl and pursueing things in the direction of, if it be God's will, someday marrying, but I am already praying that God give me peace about what His will is for my children. And that is all we can do. We really don't know, and we can only speculate, but we CAN trust God and His just decisions and know that He will do what is right all the time.

[color:"0000FF"]Then Job replied to the Lord:
I know that You can do anything
and no plan of Your's can be thwarted.[/color] Job 42:1-2 (HCSB)