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Perhaps you haven't read the other posts in this thread? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/scratchchin.gif" alt="" /> I ask because what you are proposing has been dealt with, IMHO, quite adequately, particularly in relation to the doctrine of Original Sin. The dilemma, which I do believe is unsupportable, for those who would like to believe that all infants dying in infancy is that it contradicts and obviates the guilt imputed to all human beings at conception due to Adam's transgression. It is upon this guilt alone that all men are under the wrath of God and liable to judgment. Secondly, the corruption of nature which all human beings inherit from that same Fall determines not only the external acts of sin, but the very predisposition of the soul. This too is enough to warrant God damning an individual.

Another aspect I find rejectionable with this view and which flows from the above truths is that it externalizes sin. Transgressing the law does not make one a sinner, but rather one sins because one IS a sinner and thus one naturally and irresistibly commits sin. Sin originates in the heart/soul of man and thus an embryo or infant is not exempt from its curse. The penalty for sin is "death". And the fact that some infants die in infancy goes to prove that they are sinners and share in the penalty of the Fall.

As for Carson's referencing Warfield's interpretation of Matt. 18:10 I would direct you to what Warfield actually wrote on this text here: Christ's "Little Ones".

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