Hi again, Pilgrim. You said, “When I read my Bible, I am impressed with the fact that ALL who are under condemnation are destined to perdition UNLESS they are saved by grace.”

I agree with you. All who are destined to perdition unless they are saved by grace. My contention is that all infants dying in infancy are saved by grace.

You then said, “You admit that infants are born guilty, corrupt under God's wrath and condemnation. But you then posit an ‘exception clause’ for infants dying in infancy. Where's the ‘beef’?”

Actually, I didn’t make an exception for infants in terms of grace. They are saved by grace just like other elect people.

Finally, you said, “Sorry my friend, but the onus is upon YOU to produce the Scriptural evidence to show that infants dying in infancy are elect.” Why is the onus on me and not you?