Long post but unfortunately it is contains some serious errors. The one in particular which I am wanting to point out to you is: "Blood Illustration #2 (Five-point Calvinistic). I don't know where you are getting such erroneous information from, but I would suggest you find another source. That section is woefully inaccurate and does not represent what classic Calvinism teaches concerning the sufficiency/efficiency of Christ's atonement.

And "Blood Illustration #3 (Modified Calvinistic) is a misnomer... it has little in common with Calvinism at all. It's semi-Pelagianism, if anything. That view denies the very definition of the deity of God; Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence.

However, to discuss this with you would be [Linked Image] Thus if you would like to continue with this new topic, then please begin a new thread. [Linked Image]

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