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You admit that ALL, infants included are liable to judgment unless they are saved by grace, aka: elected to salvation. We therefore agree on that much.

I then asked you to show me your biblical evidence where all infants dying in infancy are elect. And all you offer in reply is:

Why is the onus on me and not you?

Could you please include chapter and verse where that passage can be found? Surely you don't expect anyone here to accept that as biblical proof, do you? I mean, one could posit that all black females between the years of two and four who live on Long Island, N.Y. are elect and thus are saved, just as easily. And then one could ask for biblical proof that they are not. Now.... can you supply biblical evidence to show that "all infants dying in infancy" are saved or can you not? Since by admission, ALL are under condemnation, then the "exception" of GRACE is the only way in which anyone, including this class of humans can be saved. So, where is your biblical proof that God has decreed that this class of the human race is elect? Again..... "Where's the beef?"

In His Grace,

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simul iustus et peccator

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