To be honest, I anticipated that you would flee to that passage in 2Samuel. It's a favorite verse which is used by many who are advocates of this unbiblical view. One must "presume" that David is speaking of the after-life in that passage. Yes, it is possible, but it is also possible and no less feasible that David is simply saying that he will join his dead son in the grave.

But regardless of which view one takes, even if one opts for the first and believes that David is presuming that he will see deceased son in "heaven", the text cannot be taken as teaching a universal salvation of all dead children. Secondly, it says nothing of "unborn infants dying in infancy". So again, I challenge you to produce even ONE SINGLE text that teaches that God has elected to save all infants who die in infancy.

Now.... I suggested to you previously, that if you were wanting to continue in any other topic to please start a new thread. But you chose to ignore my request and went ahead and continued with an off-topic issue. So, I'll ask you but one more time. According to our stated Forum Guidelines, which you had to indicate that you read them when you registered, off-topic posts are subject to deletion. Thus, if you continue to post messages which are off-topic, they will be deleted without further notice.

However, I will offer but a simple reply to this comment you made which again I would ask you to start a new thread if you would like to continue with a discussion on this particular topic:

God knows everything about everything, including non-actual, imagined circumstances. God has always known that non-elect people would refuse to surrender to Him in repentance and faith under any circumstances in any imagined world.
God knows because He has foreordained all that will happen. His omniscience flows from His omnipotence and infinite will. There are no "contingencies" with God. Your understanding of the statement in the WCF is in error and twisted to fit with your "Modified Openness" theology.

In His Grace,

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simul iustus et peccator

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